Broker: ChatAlerts

15,969 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 21, 2016 Game Version: 7.0.3

Addon that shows on screen messages for certain events and channel activities. For all those people like me who can't keep track of chat frames while raiding ;-)

New -

  • Added 'Raid Warning' as possible text alert output.
  • For text alerts assign any of the possible areas provided by display addons (SCT, MSBT, Parrot)
  • Make messages sticky or floating for SCT, MSBT, Parrot or the Blizzard Floating Combat Text
  • Test text alerts for all message events in the 'Test Alert Locations' section in the options.
  • Show class colors for author of messages.
  • Included conversations.
  • 'Yell' no longer bundled with 'Say' but own event.
  • Option to show alerts in combat and out of combat.
  • Option to wrap lines at a specific line length.
  • Channel and chat settings shown in their respective colors in tooltip.
  • Removed own spam-filtering attempts.
  • Spam filtering through external addons. Set option 'Message Filters' to apply filters of external spam-addons before processing messages.

Features -

  • Supports two different types of alerts: Text alerts & Sound alerts
  • Text alerts can be displayed in the UI Error Message Frame, SCT, MSBT, Parrot or the Blizzard Floating Combat Text
  • Chat types supported: Raid, Battleground, Party, Guild, Officer, System,, Whisper, Say, Yell, Emotes, Monster emotes/yells
  • Channels supported: Receive alerts for Blizzard Channels like General, Trade etc or custom channels
  • Each chat type and channel can have assigned it's own display location. If none is specifically set global setting will be used.
  • Filter options to highlight only selected messages (Player name, keywords)
  • Whitelist filter matches each single word (ignores case)
  • Looting alerts: Receive alert messages for rolls and items looted
  • Text alerts inherit the colors used in the Chat Frame.
  • Profile support for settings.

Install -

Copy the Broker_ChatAlerts folder to your Interface\AddOns directory.

Commands -

/bchatalerts arg /bca arg

With arg: menu - display options menu version - display the version information help - display this help

Usage -

  • Set global option where all alerts will be displayed. For each messsage event and channel an individual display location can be selected.
  • All 4 supported display locations can always be set in the options. Locations that are not available are grayed out but still can be selected.
  • Default UI Frame is fallback location if non-available locations is set for display. This way temporarily disabled addons won't mess with your settings.


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