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Addon that monitors raid instances for characters inside.

The primary purpose is to keep track of raid instances for transmog or achievement runs. If you are out of town it is kind of hard to learn about a group forming for that kind of runs. This addon points out any characters it finds in instances you are interested in.
Since you might barge in on closed guild runs or people minding their own business please be tactful when contacting them about joining. :-)


  • Monitor selected raid instances for characters inside.
  • Monitoring can happen cyclic via interval time (configure interval of 1..120 min) or manually on click.
  • Sound and/or text notifications when characters are found in tracked instance that was previously empty.
  • Optionally exclude saved instances from monitoring.
  • Whisper characters directly by using the 'Whisper' button in log window. No problems with tricky names with accents, umlauts and other creative spelling.
  • DataBroker support.
  • Profile support for settings.


Copy the Argus folder to your Interface\AddOns directory.


/argus arg

With arg:
version - display version information
menu - display options menu
on - activate monitoring
off - deactivate monitoring
show - show log window
help - display this help


  • In options select raids to search for and activate monitoring to start.
  • Click on addons broker entry or minimap button for interaction (or use slash commands listed above)
    - Right-click - Open options menu.
    - Left-click - Open log window which is listing all characters found in tracked instances.
    - Alt-Left-click - Activate/deactivate monitoring.
  • Whisper players through the log window.


Icon (DataBroker, Minimap Button) -

  • colored icon - indicates active monitoring
  • grey icon - indicates deactivated monitoring
  • Click events:
    - Left-click - show log window
    - Right-click - show options dialog
    - Alt-Left-click - toggle monitoring active
    - Ctrl-Left-click - request refresh of tracking info (overrides Lookup Interval option)

Label (DataBroker) -

  • I: - Number of tracked instances with active characters.
  • P: - Total number of characters in tracked instances.
  • Color coding:
    - Gray - monitoring inactive
    - Yellow - monitoring active but no instances monitored
    - Red - monitoring active, instances monitores but no matches
    - Green - monitoring active, instances matched

Tooltip (DataBroker, Minimap) -

  • For each tracked instance total number of characters found is displayed along with the time since the last check.
  • Color coding of instance names:
    - Gray - not tracked
    - Red - saved instance (tracked or not tracked)
    - Yellow - tracked but monitoring not active since instance is saved (only if option "Exclude Saved Raids" is set)
    - Blue - tracked
    - Green - tracked, active characters in instance
  • Color-coded time since match: green (just checked) to red (lookup interval, just before re-check).
  • Toggle instance tracking by clicking on instance name.
  • If Ctrl-key is pressed when tooltip is created all instances will be listed else only tracked instances will be displayed.

Log window -

  • Lists all characters in tracked instances showing: instance, name, level and guild.
  • Characters of your own raid group will be marked with * before name.
  • For selected character instance info will be shown in text area below list: total number of characters in instance and time of last check.
  • Filter log list by instance.
  • 'Whisper' button to contact selected character directly.


  • General -
    - Monitoring active - Activate/deactivate the monitoring.
    - Minimap Button - Show/hide Minimap Button
    - Hide Hint - Hide usage hint in tooltip
  • Raids - Set up which raids you will track when monitoring.
  • Monitoring - Set up monitoring parmaters for addon.
    - Exclude Saved Raids - Exclude raids you are currently saved to from monitoring.
    - Lookup Interval - Repeat check for instance every time interval expires. If set to zero refresh of tracking info has to be triggered manually. (Ctrl-Left-click on icon/label)
  • Notifications - Set up notifications when addon find characters in previously empty instance.
    - Text Alert - Show text message in chat window.
    - Sound Alert - Play sound alert.
    - Notification Sound - Choose sound to be played on notifications.


  • Addon requests info using 'who' command via LibWho-2.0, minimum time between look-ups is 10 seconds to avoid negative impact on performance due to spamming 'who' requests.


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