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TomCat's Tours: Love is in the Air will bring a number of features to help you make the most of the holiday.  Our goal is to compile your feature requests and rapidly build out the addon before your very eyes using our pre-existing libraries and components.  If you would like to submit your requests, you can participate by joining our Blizzard community during the next 2 weeks during the holiday.  Everyone is welcome even if just to hang out and observe.  You also can also just drop a note in the comments if you prefer.


Links to our community are available in the current addon when you log-in to WoW, or you can click below:


North America region users can join at:

Europe region users can join at:



I believe the lion's share of topics have been gathered. These are what features will be derived from.  Check them out and feel free to comment:

  • It can be easy to lose track of which of a player's characters have already visited the holiday dungeon day to day
  • It's even more difficult to keep track of what each player's characters have done day to day when considering the daily quests, how many tokens and charms each character has, etc.
  • Players would like to be able to log in and immediately queue for the holiday dungeon without having to navigate through the group finder. Ever accidentally queued for the regular dungeons instead?
  • Players would like to know what all of the available holiday rewards are, organized by category, and how to get them. Out of these, players want to know which of the rewards they do not yet have.
  • It can be cumbersome to scroll up and down a long list of achievements just to figure out which ones are left to do
  • Sometimes it is hard to get enough help from others to do some of the achievements which require a lot of help
  • Players would like to learn about the various tips and other bits of information related to the holiday without leaving the game to go search for it


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