Joana's Classic Speed Leveling Guides (Runes, SoD, Season of Discovery, Hardcore)


Sadly, on Monday, March 29th, we lost our friend Paul, who you have known through his in-game character Joana and namesake of Joana's Guides:




For now, the addon will be maintained in its current pre-Cataclysm state to remain accessible to players. For Classic Era and SoD players, the addon should function as normal. For Cataclysm players, note that as Cataclysm brought drastic changes to the 1-60 leveling experience, the current state of the guides will be inconsistent with the current live game. They will remain accessible for the time being while we give Paul's family time to grieve and to later decide how we will move forward to maintain the legacy of Paul with Joana's Guides. Please stay tuned.

To report any issues found while accessing the 60-70 or 70-80 guides, the Joana's Guides discord server remains available at https://discord.gg/NFfpm4g - Please be patient during this difficult time.

Original addon description below:


Includes leveling guides for all 1-12 starting areas along with 70-72 Borean Tundra and 70-72 Howling Fjord for both Alliance and Horde 

All Phase 1 step-by-step Season of Discovery Rune guides come with the addon download as well.


Classic speed leveling guide authored by world record speed leveler Joana!  With this addon you can now view Joana's leveling guides inside the game.  Full of features including auto advancing steps, easy to understand layout of what you should be doing at all times to maximize your leveling efficiency and speed.


This Addon requires the TomTom addon to provide the waypoint arrow, so make sure you get that too:



More info on how the addon works is on this page here:



Send feedback, suggestions and bug reports to Joana at:  http://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/I89yswCFH0e8iD0XY1b1L2u