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TomCat's Tours is now a single download!
All other editions of TomCat's Tours have been discontinued and their features have been rolled into this one download.  You are in the right place!


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TomCat's Tours provides rare and rare elite trackers, as well as a number of helpful tools and maps for various WoW holidays.

Due to popular demand, TomCat's Tours will soon be expanding the rare maps to handle every map in the game.  Stay tuned while this is being built.


In the meanwhile, the following zones are handled:

Arathi Highlands, Darkshore, Mechagon, Nazjatar, Uldum, Vale of Eternal Blossoms

Note: Icecrown (Death's Rising) was a one-time event which ended on Nov. 23 with the launch of Shadowlands


While the older addons are no longer being maintained separately, the features are very much available right here in the single TomCat's Tours addon.  Feel free to browse the old description pages until the dust settles:  Rares of Mechagon, Rares of N'Zoth (Uldum and Vale), Rares of Nazjatar, Rares of Darkshore, Rares of Arathi Highlands, Warfronts Command Center, Hivemind, Hallow's End, Lunar Festival, Children's Week, Love is in the Air, Noblegarden


So, what exactly is happening with TomCat's Tours for Shadowlands?

While interest in rare farming is relatively low compared to everything else there is to do in the new expansion, I am taking this opportunity to revamp the addon to be able to support the display of every vignette in the game (every rare, every chest, every special event).  You can expect the most compact and lightweight map addon ever.  My legacy addons, such as Arathi Highlands, already only needed about 165k or so of RAM, but we're going even lower... way lower.  Stay tuned... and if you want to see how it's done... follow on Twitch and stop by and see for yourself as I am streaming this every day!  You can also expect that the addon will soon be reduced to just one single addon when you view it in the addons list in your game.  With the optimized memory usage, data compacting, etc., I'm putting in a better system than to break the addon down into little parts that load on demand.  TLDR; better, faster, less RAM used, more features.





Example screenshots from the Icecrown (Death's Rising) event - the other rares maps work similarly