TomCat's Tours: The Hivemind

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In-Game Walkthrough for Obtaining 'The Hivemind'

*** Red Monocle part of the journey is ready to use ***

 Step by step: Click the coordinates on the screen. If you have TomTom the waypoint arrow appears.




To discuss the work in progress, join me in my Blizzard community by clicking the in-game link shown when you click on the minimap icon.


Latest preview versions will be uploaded as each stable feature is added.  Enable auto updates on Twitch to get the latest as it becomes available.  Comments open!



v0.0.1 - Just the shell addon with an icon

v0.0.2 - Tour guide (empty) popup window

v0.0.3 - Added community links (US / EU / Asia)

v0.0.4 - Added next/prev page navigation and HTML frame

v0.0.5 - First steps / Intro page added

v0.0.6 - Tabs are working + next 4 chapter placeholders

v0.0.7 - Text version of the red monacle chapter is ready. TomTom integration works + built-in arrow if you don't use TomTom. Colors are fugly, but readable.  Styling comes after all content is up.

v0.0.8 - Better TomTom integration + very precise coordinates added for the red chapter.  Some bug fixes.

v0.0.9 -  Fixed TomTom integration issue causing the clicked link to fail to update the waypoint arrow / Fixed description for Gloomy Bluefin and Crimson Angerfish. 

v0.0.10 - Minor cosmetic fix

Next: Fill in content for the green chapter


First Tab


 The Hivemind



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