TomCat's Tours: Rares of Arathi Highlands (Warfront on Stromgarde)

Last Updated: Oct 26, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1


Sep 16, 2018

Owner: TomCat

The warfront effort is on in the Battle for Stromgarde!

 TomCat's Tours offers a lightweight completely self-contained tour of the Arathi Highlands rares

  • View all of the rares locations on both the world map and the zone mini map.
  • Does not require any other addons to be installed
  • Simple icons
  • Star means you can still kill and loot the rare.
  • Check mark means you have to wait until the next reset of the rares.
  • You can view the stars on the Arathi map or the pop-up list from anywhere

Character view


Main Window


 World map integration


More features coming soon!


MiniMap Button