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Last Updated: Jul 24, 2016 Game Version: 7.0.3


Apr 26, 2015

Owner: Gello

This small addon adds a "Show Treasures" option to the default world map tracking button, so you can turn off the treasures marked from the various treasure maps sold in Ashran.

For those unaware, once you've completed the major questlines of a Draenor zone, you can buy a treasure map in Ashran that will put a little treasure chest on the map for every treasure you missed while questing.

Which is awesome, except if you're unobservant like me and in no hurry to complete them all, your map is now splattered with seemingly hundreds of chests and it's difficult to use the map for any other purpose.

This addon adds the aforementioned "Show Treasures" option so you can turn them off and then turn them back on at your leisure.


  • It won't disable the chests on the minimap. Those seem less intrusive and if you're close enough to see one it's probably worthwhile to take a moment to grab it.
  • If you use another addon that replaces the default world map tracking menu (such as PetTracker) this addon will not work.


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