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TinyPad is a simple but powerful notepad addon that's easy to use. 

This addon works in Retail, Classic Era and WotLK Classic clients.

How to Use

• To summon: /pad or /tinypad, bind a key, or turn on a minimap button in the settings panel.
• To resize: Drag the resize grip in the lower right corner of the window.
• The mod should be self explanatory how to use. Mouseover buttons to see what they do. 


• To add links to pages: Bring up a TinyPad page and put the blinking cursor where you want to insert a link, then shift+click an item, spell, recipe, quest or achievement as you ordinarily would to chat.
• To view links: Click them.
• To send links: Shift+click to chat as you would normally.
• Links may display only a handful of characters, but they have many hidden control characters. The EditBox is not intended to handle massive amounts of text (the limit in TinyPad is 8192 characters), so keep that in mind if trying to cram the entire contents of the Adventure Journal loot pages into one page.
• Searches are case insensitive.
• You can bind a key to search.
• While locked, the window won't go away with ESC, but you can still toggle it with a macro, key bind or minimap button; and you can move it while holding the Shift Key.
• You can also run pages with /run TinyPad:Run(page)
• You can add a page with TinyPad:Insert("text here adds a new page")
• You can delete multiple pages with TinyPad.DeletePagesContaining("regex") NOTE: be careful with this one.
• Users who edited the Lua in previous version to choose your own fonts, look in panels\fontbar.lua now. (You can replace any of the 3 fonts with your own but it will ignore a 4th font, sorry!)