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This is the Retail version only. For the Classic version please use their page:



This is a mod to make swapping equipment easier through popout slot menus, equip slot buttons, gear sets and automated swaps.

ItemRackFu plugin by Gnarfoz:

ButtonFacade plugin by Romracer:

Quick Start Guide

Minimap button:

  • Right-click the minimap button to open options or create sets
  • Left-click the minimap button to choose a set
  • Shift-click the minimap button to unequip the last set equipped
  • Alt-click the minimap button to toggle events on/off

Dockable buttons:

  • Alt+click slots on the character sheet to create/remove buttons
  • Alt+click yourself in the character sheet to create/remove a set button
  • Alt+click the created buttons to toggle their auto-queue status
  • Shift+drag buttons to break them apart if they're docked to each other
  • Drag the menu's border around to dock it to a different side of buttons
  • Right-click the menu's border to rotate the menu
  • Size, alpha, spacing, etc are in options

Creating/equipping sets:

  • You create sets in the Sets tab after right-clicking the minimap button
  • Select slots for the set, choose a name and icon and click Save
  • Once a set is saved, there are several ways to equip it:
    1. Left-click the minimap button and choose the set
    2. Mouseover a set button you've created (Alt+click yourself in character sheet)
    3. Use a key binding you define in the set ("Bind Key" button)
    4. In macros with /itemrack equip setname
    5. In events or scripts that use EquipSet("setname")

Popout menus:

  • Click an item or set in a menu to equip it
  • Shift+click a set in a menu to unequip it
  • Alt+click an item in a menu to hide/unhide it
  • Hold Alt as you mouseover a slot to show all hidden items

While at a bank:

  • Items/sets in the bank have a blue border.
  • Selecting an item or set that's in the bank will pull it from the bank to your bags.
  • Selecting an item or set that's not in the bank will attempt to put it all into the bank.

Slash Commands

/itemrack : list the most common slash commands
/itemrack opt : summon the options GUI
/itemrack equip setname : equips a set
/itemrack reset : resets buttons
/itemrack reset everything : wipes all settings, sets and events
/itemrack lock/unlock : locks and unlocks the buttons
/itemrack toggle set name[, second set name] : equips/unequips "set name" (or swaps between two sets if a second set given)

Macro Functions

EquipSet("setname") equips "setname"
UnequipSet("setname") unequips "setname"
ToggleSet("setname") toggles (equips then unequips) "setname"
IsSetEquipped("setname") returns true if "setname" is equipped

In the unlikely event that another mod (or default UI in the future) uses these function names, you can use their long version ItemRack.EquipSet(), ItemRack.UnequipSet(), etc. This mod only commandeers the shortened names if they appear to be unused.


2.2 (re)introduces events. These are scripts to automatically equip and unequip gear as things happen in game.

To use an event:
1. In the 'Sets' tab, create or make sure you have a set you'd like to equip when the event happens.
2. In the 'Events' tab, click the red ? icon beside the event you want to use.
3. Choose the set for this event.
4. Ensure the event has a check beside it.

As events are enabled, a separate process watches for those events and equips (and unequips if chosen) as they happen.

If you want to create or edit an event, there are four types of events:

  • Buff: These events equip gear as you gain buffs. ie, Evocation, Drinking and being on a mount.
  • Stance: These events equip gear when you change stances or forms. ie, Battle Stance, Moonkin Form, Shadowform
  • Zone: These events equip gear when you're in one of a list of zones. ie, the PVP event includes all arena and BG maps.
  • Script: For those with lua knowledge, you can create your own event based on a game event. A couple examples are in the default events.

When dealing with events, it's good to keep some things in mind:

  • You'll get the most predictable behavior by having sets that don't overlap. If you're a warrior with a Tanking, DPS and PVP set, consider not including weapons in those sets. If you decide to make an event to swap in a 2H when you go into Berserker Stance and a 1h+shield when you go into Defensive Stance, you won't step on the toes of events that swap in PVP gear in a BG/arena or a tuxedo in a city.
  • A gold gear icon on the minimap button (and on the sets button if you've created one) means that events are enabled. If you decide you want to temporarily shut down all events, Alt+click the minimap button or the sets button. (You can disable events in options also)
  • For non-English users, you might want to edit the events that have English text within them. I try to keep it locale-independant when possible (ie, warrior and most druid stances use the numbers instead of names), but you'll never enter "Stormwind City" on a deDE client for the city event.
  • Script Events do not have a "set" defined to them like other events do. They need to EquipSet("setname") explicitly. Its set button will always be the macro keys icon.
  • Advanced users of 1.9x may notice the lack of a delay option in scripted events. I've decided to pull this down into the scripting system to streamline the event process. For now, you can use ItemRack.CreateTimer and ItemRack.StartTimer defined in ItemRack.lua.