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With the massive positive response from my "Owen Wilson WoW crit WeakAura", I decided to make an addon that builds on the idea of adding fun audio files/pack to certain events within the game. Currently, the addon will add audio files/packs to critical strikes, but other events - like killing blows - are planned!


Special Thank Yous

  • To PC Gamer and Steven Messner for writing this article about my WeakAura!
  • To Reddit's r/WoW for awarding my WeakAura Best of 2017! (Thread)


  • /sca quick - access "quick toggle" to quickly toggle anything.
  • /sca spells - setup sounds for damage, healing, specific, and ignore spells.
  • /sca def - setup defense sounds (absorb, block, dodge, and parry).
  • /sca combat - setup sounds for combat events (combat enter/leave, killing blow, interrupting, etc).
  • /sca loot - setup sounds for looting (open/close loot window, looting items, etc)
  • /sca chat - setup sounds for various chat events (guild/party/raid/etc chat).
  • /sca move - setup sounds for various movements (jump, forward, backward, turn, etc).
  • /sca backup/restore - access data preservation tools.
  • /sca profile - access profile tools.

Audio Packs

Macho Man

Michael Jackson (Demo)

Murlocs  (Demo)

Owen Wilson "Wow" (Demo)

Piano Keys (Demo)



Fan-Made Audio Packs

Google Spreadsheet


Fan-Made Videos (Thank you!)

Overwatch's Junkrat

Feral Druid "Meow"

Shadow Priest "Wow"

Raiding Antorus with Owen Wilson 


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