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Sweetsour's Auto Tracker



The inspiration for this addon came from constantly seeing minimap nodes in areas that I really didn't want to. Eventually, I thought it would be a cool idea to have an addon that will automatically enable and disable various tracking abilities based on what zones and continents a player is in.


The functionality of this addon is simple: choose which zones and/or continents that you do - or do not - want certain minimap tracking abilities active. Use profiles and the provided "Copy From" dropdown to make it a little easier to toggle which zones and continents you prefer.


/sat herb - Open the herbalism window.

/sat mining - Open the mining window.

/sat fishing - Open the fishing window.

/sat pet - Open the pet window.

/sat debug - Prints a report show any invalid zones/continents that you've zoned into.
/sat debug clean - Purges the debug table.