Sweetsour's Shaman Auras 2

4,256 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 4, 2019 Game Version: 8.2.0

Welcome to my new and improved Shaman Auras addon!

What initially started as a code cleanup endeavor, slowly evolved more into a project of adding new functionality, which lead to so many new adjustments and additions that it became clear that I needed to release this as a new addon.

What's New?

  • A fancy new intro pane has been added that will keep you up-to-date on what's new with each new update!
  • You can now create and remove aura groups and move auras between groups!
  • Almost every aura has a glow customization tool tried to them, allowing you to setup glow animations that best suit your needs!
  • You can now create and remove timer bar groups and move timer bars between groups!
  • You can now customize timer bars in shape, size, texture, color, orientation, and growth direction!
  • Major code cleanup and refactoring has lead to better addon performance.

"I'm new; what is this?"

If you're new here, please allow me to welcome you to my addon and thank you for your support!

What my addon does is provide video aids to help with your Shaman's rotation by alerting you of spells coming off of cooldown, important procs, important buffs, and so on. My addon has been designed to cover all three Shaman specializations. Given enough time to get used to my addon and you could have the capability of hiding your action bars; clearing up valuable screen space!

"How do I use this?"

With user-friendliness in mind, I tried my best to design the configuration area of the addon to provide a smooth flow of accessibility and navigation. In the configuration, you'll find the "Aura Builder" and "Timer Bar Build", which allow you to customize all of your auras and timer bars! Granted, if you liked my first version of this addon the way it is, I made sure to provide the same defaults.

Slash Commands
The following are the slash commands that are used to access the configuration panel to begin tweaking the addon to your liking. Please keep in mind that you can only access configuration tools for the spec that you currently have active.

  • /ssa ele - This displays the configuration panel for the Elemental portion of the addon.
  • /ssa res - This displays the configuration panel for the Enhancement portion of the addon
  • /ssa res - This displays the configuration panel for the Restoration portion of the addon

 What's Coming?

  • Coordinates to help with moving aura groups and other objects.
  • Customize the grid that appears when activating the movement module.
  • Backup & Restore capabilities
  • and more!


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