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The Scorpio Project is used to build an addon platform for World of Warcraft.

It's designed based on the PLoop, although the Lib is created based on the OOP system, it provided a pure functional programming style to easy the addon development.

The Scorpio provides several features to simple and power the addons:

  1. A declarative functional programming style to register and handle the system events, secure hooks and slash commands.

  2. A full addon life-cycle management. Addons can split their features into several modules for management.

  3. An asynchronous framework to avoid the using of callbacks, and have all the asynchronous tasks controlled under a task schedule system, so the FPS will be smooth and almost no dropping caused by the Lua codes.

  4. A new UI & Skin system, It'll split the functionality and display of the widgets, so we can create functionality UIs in one addons, and let's other authors do the skin parts very easily.

  5. A well designed secure template framework, so we can enjoy the power of the secure template system provided by the blizzard and stay away the hard part.

  6. A secure action button system support all kinds of actions, with the style system, the skin is much eaisier and dynamicly, you can check my ShadowDancer mod for an example.


You can find the documents at Scorpio Docs


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