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This add-on require the lib Scorpio so you need download them first.


The Cube is re-created, it now provide two tools, it's recommend bind short key to those for easy usage, or you could use /cube code to open the Code Editor, use /cube debug to open the Browser.


I. The code editor is re-designed based on the Scorpio, it still provide the features like auto-complete and others, the editor will show the tips for you.



II. The Browser is used to replace the debug tools, it can be used to browse the API Dodcument provided by the blizzard.


The Browser will orginzed the data in each category by sort



You can type in expressions to check the result, also the auto complete system will help you:


All green works are links, some will show you more details(redirect to other pages), some will send the text to the chat frame's editbox so you can copy them.


If you have interesting with Scorpio or PLoop, You also can input their name to get more informations(although requre some learning):


Withh the v6.06, you can browse the original UI or Scorpio UI