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Enhance BattlefieldMinimap


This addon is used to enhance the battle field map(default toggled by shift +M) like a real world map with several features : 



  1. You can drag the bottom-right corner to resize the map to any shape you like(although there is some limit).
  2. You can right-click to zoom out, left-click to zoom in, else mouse click to change to current zone.
  3. The minimap will display many pois just like the world map.
  4. The minimap'll always try to show the player in the center.
  5. You can bind the minimap to the battle field map, so you only need to see one map for all features.
  6. The HandyNotes supported. 
  7. The ClassicCodex & Questie is supported for classic version
  8. The zone text'll be displayed, you can drag the zone text to move to any where you want, also you can use mouse wheel to change it's font size.
  9. Yu can click to ping to send the location to your party members(they also need install the EBFM).
  10. You can turn on option Enable the Interaction when mouse over and alt pressed, so the map can be put in the center of the screen without conflict the normal actions.
  11. You can use Ctrl+Left Button click to add way points, you can use Alt+Right Button Click to Add TomTom way points



You can type '/ebfm' for help, it provide several commands, or just use right-click the zone map tab to show the dropdown config menu.




1. You need download the  Scorpio lib for working.

2. Or you can use the twitch client to download it automatically.



Q: Why the map don't keep the player in the center?

A: Move mouse in and then leave it, if it don't fix that's because you are in dungeon or raid map, blz has blocked the API to get the player's position in some dungeon or raid map, so I can't figure out where is the player.