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A full feature raid panel created based on the Scorpio Lib, with this addon, you can:


i) You can created unit panels as many as you want, so you get different layout for each specialization and conditions(in raid, in party, solo, combat only, show dead only and etc)

ii) You can bind any mouse or key board actions to cast spells on units. No matter what you binds, the left mouse click will still be used to target the unit.

iii) Party member join/leave during combat will correctly re-layout those panels during combat, also a secure delay mechanism will make sure the refreshing more smoothing.

iv) use /ata unlock to unlock those panels, right click to open menu, check those features by yourselves.

v) You can use alt+right mouse click to add buff/debuff to black list, so you won't see them again.

vi) You can add macro condition to the panel to auto-hide it.

vii) Besides the normal units like 'target', 'focus', 'focustarget', 'boss1' and etc, you also can use 'tank', 'maintank', 'mainassist' in the unit watch panel, so you can use 'tanktarget' to watch the tank's target unit.



Based on the Scorpio's Style system, it's very easy to create your only skin for all the ui elements. That's the main reason I create this addon.


A simple snippet from its DefaultSkin.lua :

The Code in the red part means, check if the unit of the unitframe is the target, if its the backdrop border color will be changed to white, otherwise keep using black. So, that means we don't need to write those logic part in the core part of the addon, but only in a skin settings.




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