Protoform Synthesis Field Journal

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This is a simple addon to display all pets and mounts you can make at the Protoform Synthesis forge while away from the forge in Zereth Mortis.


To use:


The window can be summoned/dismissed anywhere in one of a few ways:

  • Set a key binding to summon the window in the Key Binding interface
  • Use the /psfj slash command or make a macro with this command
  • Minimap button if it's enabled in the settings tab
  • Broker plugin if you use a broker bar


Ctrl+click a schematic/pet to view a preview of that pet.


The window can be moved and resized, and will automatically adapt its layout to the size.


It will display:

  • All battle pet and mount Protoform Synthesis schematics, including those you have not learned (which will be greyed out)
  • The reagent cost of all schematics at the forge
  • How many reagents you have in your bags and bank for each schematic
  • A preview of the pet or mount if you Ctrl+click a schematic in the list (or whatever "DressUp" modifier key you've defined)



  • To view what reagents other characters have, turn on reagent tooltips and use an addon that updates tooltips with that information.