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Note: Limited support and updates.

Sniper tool that scans the entire AH for a lot of different items (1k+) very quickly (within 30s on most realms)

To use, create an Auctionator shopping list in the Shopping tab, then open the Sniping tab, type in your shopping list's exact name and click "Start". The addon will now run continuous scans to find items that match the shopping list deals you have setup.

Sample lists

You'll likely need to edit the lists for your own use. Use the "Import" button on the Shopping tab. To use a list without manually setting prices install The Oribos Exchange too, and the prices will be determined automatically.

Quick Start Guide

Install Auctionator, Oribos Exchange and this addon. Go here and import the shopping list. Then open the Sniping tab. Ensure "Starter Sniper List" is selected for the Shopping List option. Click Start and wait for results 🙂

Main view when sniping

Custom prices

In the Shopping tab select your shopping list and then edit a shopping list entry with the pen icon and set the "max price" field in the dialog that appears to the price you want to watch for the item.

Advanced: Getting even faster

The Keys scan mode can let you scan very quickly. Which is useful when there are others competing for the best deals. In this mode the length of the shopping list matters, but you can still get several hundred items checked within 3s, repeatedly. Each search term is converted into "keys" which are then searched for, the fewer keys the faster the search.

Updating the keys database

A database of keys is required for the keys scan mode, with at least one key for each item type. If the keys database hasn't been updated for a while and is missing item types you can use this info to update it yourself.

Comments are on Discord

Visit our discord at https://discord.gg/YMSGQD7hBs (look for Point Blank Sniper > #general-pbs).