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Paras Book

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Paras Book is not just an add-on! Paras Book is your favorite accountant’s book for your auctions!

Right now, Paras Book can show you:

  1. For your sales:
  • The amount of the items you sold.
  • The gross coins from a sale.
  • The returned deposit of the sale.
  • The auction house’s cut of the sale.
  • The total net coins of a sale.
  • The average coins you gain from an item.
  1. For your purchases:
  • The amount of the items you purchased.
  • The total coins for a purchase.
  • The average coins you spent for an item.

You can see all this information for the current session, for the day, for the week, and for all the time you’ve been using the add on!

When you install the add-on there will be a mini map button and a small button will appear in the middle of the screen, which you can move it anywhere you want it or hide it with the mini map button, with this button you open and close the main frame of the add-on, the main frame can be moved, and you also can resize the width of the columns.




The Little Story and The Idea behind the add-on!

I was chatting with a friend of mine on discord about our sales at the Auction House, how good or bad they were. My friend of mine was like "I wish I had an add-on that shows how much I sold an item, and if it is profitable to sell it again" and then turned to me and said "Hey, you know how to create an add-on, how about an add-on doing this" and thus Paras Book was born!


Fun Fact: Paras in Greek slang means money

Any feedback, bugs, ideas, or anything else for the Add-On is welcome! You can post them here as a comment!


Thank you in advance!

May the good Mojo be with you!