Funky Mojo Changer

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Funky Mojo Changer


FMoC is an add on that tries to enchant the way you change your specialization (a.k.a specs) and your Loot Specialization!

Right now, FMoC creates one to three buttons according to your class which change your specialization. For example if you are a Demon Hunter the add on will create one button, cause Demon Hunter has only two specialization (Havoc and Vengeance) so there will be one button change between those two specialization, if you are a priest or some other class that has three specializations then the add on will create two buttons and if you are a druid then the add on will create three buttons. The same logic goes for Loot Specialization buttons. Also, the add on will show a small "animation" while you are activating - changing your specialization

  • You can choose the dimension of the buttons!
  • You can choose the position of the buttons!
  • While changing specialization there is a small “animation”


See the images and changes log for more information!

Note: The Options/Configuration panel of the add on is in the option – interface menu of the game.


Any feedback, bugs, ideas, or anything else for the Add-On is welcome! You can post them here as a comment or even better post them on the Official Thread of the add-on which can be found here:

Thank you in advance!


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