Sweet Sound of Auction House

1,080 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 1, 2022 Game Version: 9.2.5  

The Sweet Sound of Auction House


SSoA is an add on that tries to enchant the notifications from the Auction House!

Right now, SSoA lets you choose what kind of notifications you will receive when you sell an item at Auction House:

  • play the sound of your choice!
  • make of emote of your choice!
  • send a notification into your main chat frame when you sell and item at Auction House (sometimes the classic System Notification "Your auction of %s sold" is not shown)
  • send a notification into the SSoA frame!


See the images and changes log for more information!


Note: When you install the add on for the first time you must go to its option and configure it, cause SSoA won’t send you any notification. The Options/Configuration panel of the add on is in the option – interface menu of the game.


Any feedback, bugs, ideas, or anything else for the Add-On is welcome! You can post them here as a comment or even better post them on the Official Thread of the add-on which can be found here: https://authors.curseforge.com/forums/world-of-warcraft/official-addon-threads/general-addons/257094-sweet-sound-of-auction-house-the-official-thread


Thank you in advance!


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