Open Sesame! | Automatic Container Opener


Open Sesame!

Just a simple add-on that automatically opens containers in your inventory.

⚙️ Works under the following conditions:

  • You are not in combat (anything looted during combat will be opened as soon as combat is over).
  • You are not actively trying to loot something else.
  • You are not actively trading with another player.
  • The container is not locked (anything that you unlock will be opened).
  • The container did not drop off a "current" raid boss.
  • The container is Bind on Pickup (BoP), and is not tradable.
  • The container is tradable, but does not contain a BoP item.
  • The container is tradable, but does not contain a unique item.
  • You do not have a Merchant Window Open.
  • You do not have your Bank Window Open.
  • You do not have your Guild Bank Window Open.
  • You do not have your Mailbox Window Open.

🚫 The "UseContainerItem" API call no longer works on clams. This likely has something to do with the "Clam Weaving" hack.

Game Version Notes

We feel this is good to go, but please report any issues you find!

Retail : Good to go!

Wrath Classic : Good to go!

Classic Era : Good to go!

How It Works

Open Sesame! looks for items in your inventory that are on the list (containers that meet the above stated criteria), and runs a public API call to open them as soon as they are detected.

Open Sesame! runs on less than 35kb of memory; it's very lightweight and won't impact performance.


⏬ Open Sesame! on CurseForge : https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/open-sesame

Provide Feedback & Report Bugs

🔁 Open Sesame! on GitHub : https://github.com/Gogo1951/Open-Sesame

Similar Add-ons & Weak Auras

👏 I didn't create this add-on, I just updated it for TBC and Wrath.

Looking around CurseForge, it looks like the bulk of the original code came from kAutoOpen.