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FasterLoot is a lightweight, non-intrusive AddOn that improves the speed at which you loot containers and corpses. The AddOn has been designed with the intent to be as transparent as possible and will only function when the game Auto Loot conditions are met.



  • Lightweight and non-intrusive. Uses minimal run-time memory and works without any configuration.
  • Faster looting times. Loot containers and corpses near instantaneously.
  • Follows game Auto Loot conditions. It checks both the Auto Loot CVar and Loot Key modifier to ensure that the correct conditions for Auto Looting are met before running.
  • Works with Master Loot. Checks are put in place to ensure that it doesn't attempt to loot items that are above or equal to the Loot Threshold when using Master Loot.

Known Bugs

  • None