Minimap Alert

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Please read before using

/minimapalert to show the user interface and configure the addon


What does Minimap Alert do?

Minimap Alert lets you make a list with (partial) names of things that appear on the minimap that you want to track. This could be anything, a herb, a npc or maybe a rare spawn, as long as it appears on your minimap. If it shows a tooltip when you hover over it on your minimap you can track it. If Minimap Alert finds a match it will play a sound, flash your screen or start blinking World of Warcraft in your taskbar. This allows you to for example alt tab while flying in a zone and you'll get notified when you're near a herb. By default the addon only looks for trackables while you're moving. If you want the addon to work while standing still, for example you're waiting for something to spawn next to you, you can enable that in the settings.


 How does it work?

There's no nice way for addons to detect what's currently on your minimap. Beacuse of this the addon has to get a bit more creative to figure out whether there's something of interest nearby. To find out if there's something nearby the addon has to move the minimap under your mouse cursor and see if a tooltip shows up. I've done my best to make this as non intrusive as possible but you will notice your minimap dissapearing and reappearing. If you're using the option to scan while standing still it will dissapear for a longer period of time.


 What's the point?

I don't know if there's really a use for an addon like this but I just thought it'd be fun to make. Any suggestions, feature requests, complaints? Please post them!


 Compatibility with other addons

Minimap Alert has not been extensively tested with other (minimap) addons.