Easy Scrap

1,554,443 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 17, 2021 Game Version: 9.0.2  

Easy Scrap adds a new frame to the Scrap interface that shows you all items in your bags available for scrapping and lets you queue items.


  • See all items you can scrap without having to look in your bags and search for even faster results.
  • Queue up items and have them automatically placed into the scrapper when the scrapper is empty again.
  • Create a keybinding for the scrap button. Look under Key Bindings->Addons->Easy Scrap
  • Hide specific items you do not want to see in the "Eligible" tab by right clicking them.
  • With the default filter automatically hides all gear that is used in an equipment set.
  • Create custom filters to automatically ignore items. Leave a comment if you have a specific filter request.


If you want to macro the scrap button create a macro with the following text:

/click EasyScrap_ScrapKeybindFrame


Please report any weird behavior if you see any and always make sure you're not scrapping an item you want to keep.


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