Herb Tracker

7,290 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 16, 2016 Game Version: 7.1.0

Herb Tracker keeps track of the herbs you and your group members have looted. Useful for when you're herbing in a party and want to evenly distribute the herbs.

Type /herbtracker or /herbt ingame for help.

To start tracking type /herbt start
To stop and reset tracking type /herbt stop
To see a current report of how many herbs have been looted and by who type /herbt report
To print the report to party chat type /herbt party
To print the report to raid chat type /herbt raid

The following herbs are tracked by default: Aethril, Fjarnskaggl, Dreamleaf, Starlight Rose, Foxflower.
If you also want to track seeds open Herb_Tracker.lua and near the top remove the -- before the itemIDs of the seeds.


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