LibHijackMinimap-1.0 Options

764 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 24, 2015 Game Version: 6.2.0

LibHijackMinimap-1.0-Options is an addon to set up specific LibHijackMinimap-1.0 settings.

Hijack notifications for LHM clients can be activated or deactivated. Also clients can be blacklisted for hijacking by specific hijackers.


Copy the LibHijackMinimap-1.0-Options folder to your Interface\AddOns directory.


/lhmoptions arg
/lhmopts arg

With arg:
menu - display options menu
toggle - toggle activity
version - display the version information
help - display this help


  • Open the options menu by using the command line or left clicking on the minimap button or data broker plugin of the addon.
  • Configure the LibHijackMinimap-1.0 (LHM) settings.


  • Main -
    • Active - Activate/deactivate LHM operation. When active minimap hijacking is enabled and blacklists for clients apply. When inactive no minimap replacements are preformed for clients.
    • Minimap Button - Show/hide Minimap Button
    • Hide Hint - Hide usage hint in tooltip
  • Hijackers - Setup hijackers for supported clients.
    • For every registered LHM hijacker all clients are listed. Unchecking clients will blacklist them for hijacking by this hijacker.


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