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An addon that keeps track of all your sales and postings on the Auction House, sales and purchases with vendors, crafting orders, quest rewards, item drops and mails, provides a summary view, sales percentage stats for the last month, and lets you export the data to your favourite spreadsheet program. Works on Retail, SoM, and Wrath.

To see your summary click the minimap icon or run the slash command /jnr.

Auction house view of the Journalator window

There are a few different tabs for the different items logged:

  • Auction House: Auction mail, posting, sale rates, expired/cancelled items and (retail only) WoW tokens purchased.
  • Vendors: Items sold to and purchased from vendors, gear repairs and flight master costs.
  • Crafting Orders: Crafting orders created by you, including the reagents submitted and items crafted to fulfil crafting orders, including reagents used (retail only).
  • Trading Post: Items purchased from the trading post (retail only)
  • Questing: Quest rewards you have received (including reputation gains)
  • Looting: Drops (gold, items and currency) from monsters and chests
  • Mail: Gold received from and sent to other players
  • Trades: Items and gold traded with other players

Export CSV

To export any view as a CSV to e.g. Excel, click the "Export Results" button.


Enable tooltips in the settings to see the last purchase price, sale price, auction failures/successes and personal sale rate.

Example tooltip with extra information

Options for tracking

Different categories of items can be ignored by Journalator's tracking system if you're not interested in them. Turn the category off in the options under Journalator > Monitors

Hide interactions with alts and specific accounts

Transfers to and from specific characters can be ignored. Enter the characters to ignore in the options under Journalator > Ignore Transfers


For more auction house tools see Auctionator

Comments are on Discord

Visit our discord at https://discord.gg/azC9duEVY6 (look for Journalator > #general-jnr)