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HandyNotes - Suramar and Shal'Aran Telemancy

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This is a plugin for HandyNotes which shows the telemancy between Shal'Aran and nodes in Suramar.

This is inspired by HandyNotes: Suramar Telemancy created by Kemayo but an enhanced version, details please refer to Features section.


  • Shows the portal, telemancy and other major POIs in Shal'Aran and Suramar.
  • Node will not show if the pre-required quest has not yet been completed (feature adopted from HandyNotes: Suramar Telemancy by Kemayo)
  • Hide outdoor entrance while you run into the indoor; on the contrary, hide the indoor nodes while you are out.
  • Hide the node of Ruins of Elune'eth portal while you are in Shal'Aran (as they will be overlapped)
  • Also shows the class-specific taxi or transportation nodes like Hunter's great eagle, Mage's transportation nexus, and Warrior's jumping point.

Issues and Suggestion

Please go to here to submit any issue found or any suggestion in your mind.


If you would like to help and contribute the translation, please visit here.  


You are welcome to donate in supporting the development even it's a small money.