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Accountant Classic is a basic tool to track your monetary incoming and outgoings within WoW. It logs per-session and running totals of how much money you have spent and earned from vendors / loot / quests etc...

It also shows the monetary info in daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly view. You can also quickly to switch to show your other character's monetary information in each view.

Cross-server is supported. You can have the same player name in different realms. The money information will be saved for each realm.

After v2.08.05, Accountant Classic now can also show the location summary so that you can tell where you spent or gained more.


Either click the minimap button, bind a key to accountant or use /acc to view your accountant log. The newly added floating money frame will also show the real-time money. You can also right-click on the money frame to open Accountant Classic window.


This Accountant Classic is base on the original version written by Sabaki and modified by Shadow and Rophy.

Shadow and Rophy used to updated the Accountant to version 2.3.

However, it seems Sabaki, Shadow, and Rophy stopped maintaining the codes. So here I am. I started with version 2.4 in 2007.


  • English
  • French (Thiou)
  • German (Snj, JokerGermany, pas06)
  • Traditional Chinese (arith, gaspy10)
  • Simplified Chinese (arith)
  • Korean (막내, next96))
  • Russian (Константин Гудович)
  • Spanish (IsabelGarcia, unw1s3)
  • Portuguese (Canettieri)

Want to contribute in the localization? Please go to here.

Bugs and Enhancement Suggestion

If you found any issue or would like to raise any enhancement suggestion, please go to here to log it.