Coordinates Tracking

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About Coordinates Tracking

Coordinates Tracking is a WoW addon to show your current position's coordinate info on the screen. Furthermore, it can also show the info on the world map together with the cursor's position.


LDB Support

Coordinates Tracking support LDB. So you can simply disable the on-screen display as LDB panel will have coordinate info showing there.


You can drag the on-screen coordinate frame to anywhere you like.
The dragging will be locked while in combat.
You can reset the position in the option panel when you lost it.

Options' Toggling

By right-click on the on-screen coordinate frame, it will open the option panel.
You can toggle to show the zone name info, or turn it off.
If you turn it off, you probably would like to enable the tooltip so that you can check the zone info when mouse over.

You can also configure the font styles including the font, size, and outline on either the on-screen frame or on the world map. You can also configure the frame size, transparency, and tooltip's scale / transparency.

Furthermore, you can configure the coordinate's accuracy (number of decimals).

Why this addon was created

I used to use other coordinate addon and it was good enough for my farming or world traveling. But after one new version of the addon, the author decided to rebuild it, which is good, but then it has transformed to a bit complex which I personally don't like it.

As I have Currency Tracking which is an addon to track the currencies, so I decide to use it as a framework template to create my own coordinate addon.



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