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This AddOn helps you to obtain the Springfur Alpaca mount. It highlights the spawn location of Friendly Alpaca and Gersahl Greens and helps you to track your progress.

All 13 Alpaca spawn locations

Tracking of Your Progress

How to Use

Instal like any other AddOn. Requires Handy Notes to work. Configurable.

No Need for Wowhead!

You May Configure the Map Pins


An oh so cute Springfur Alpaca mount is obtainable in "present day" Uldum. Firstly, you must locate a Friendly Alpaca. It patrols in one of 13 areas. For seven days, not necessarily consecutive days, you must feed it a Gersahl Green. After that a "turn in quest" will reward the mount. The Friendly Alpaca remains at its location for only 10 minutes. It will then despawn and reappear after an interval of 5 to 120 minutes. The feeding process is by way of a daily quest. This AddOn tracks if you have completed the quest today. The number of feeds up to seven is also tracked.


There ae two version of Uldum and you must visit the later of the two. Zidormi is in Ramkahen to assist with switching. If you open the map (keyboard "M") and you do NOT see the pins then you have the wrong Uldum. Often times N'zoth will be up to no good so the general "purple" ambiance will be a tell tale sign that you are in the correct Uldum.

Note also that if you open the World Map any other way (eg: Tanaris first then click on adjacent Uldum) then you will NOT see the icons, even if you are in the correct Chromie/Zidormi time. This is a limitation of the WoW game engine.

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Bonus Features
Your new-found Friendly Alpaca must be fed some Gersahl Greens, obtainable from a Gersahl Shrub. These shrubs are located along the banks of the central Uldum waterway. The AddOn highlights indicative areas alongside the banks.

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