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Each time you cast you will say a funny fishing themed saying. You'll also randomly select a fishing pole. Fully configurable.

Over 200 fishy sayings!

Fish with real swag and induce pole envy!

How To Use / Configure

Instal like any other AddOn. Enter /lm or /minnow or /letminnow in chat for a list of options.

  • Important: When you startup/reload your session, the AddOn will create, if necessary, a simple macro called "LetMinnow". You must use this button to cast for fishing. Check your macro panel.


  • To avoid pole swapping just keep only one in your bag / equip slot.
  • You may switch the jokes off
  • You may switch the pole announcements off

Vanilla / TBC / Wrath / Cata / Retail

Details - Pole Selection

  • Every time you cast, a pole will be randomly selected from your inventory and announced as a "say" or, if you are targeting a player, a "whisper"

You are the complete angler of Azeroth. It is now time for you to prove your worth to others. Cast with pride as other adventurers look on with pole envy! Poles gaining dust, unloved in your bank? You, my friend, have swag! Exalted with The Anglers and The Kalu'ak? Of course! Been rewarded by Nat Pagle for fishing rare fish of Azeroth? Naturally! Acquired Seth's finely crafted pole? De rigueur! And is that a rare Jeweled Fishing Pole in your bags? You betcha!

Details - Funny Sayings

  • Every time you cast, a witty, humourous, fishy saying will be broadcast to the SAY channel (default, configurable)

This scampi happening? Oh but it is! Perhaps you cod do batter but hold your plaice at the wharf with a random saying from over 200 fish themed gems! What a clown you are!


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