Yarrr - Talk Like a Pirate

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Aye, yer scurvy swab! Ye can yell a random pirate exhortation in General or Trade chat or belch a yell for all ta hear! Yells be perfect for carousin' with yer scallywag pirate buddies, especially during Pirate's Day.

Over 170 Random Expressions

How to Use

/yarrr to see a menu of possible commands.
/yarrr r to randomly yell a pirate themed exhortation. Perfect for pirate themed parties and Talk Like a Pirate Day in Booty Bay!
/yarrr 1 same as "r" above except that the exhortation occurs in General Chat. Perfect for trolling elitist jerks and noobs alike!
/yarrr 2 same as "r" above except that the exhortation occurs in Trade Chat. Perfect for trolling the Carry-run spammers!

Ahoy Me Matey's!

Yarrr is rated ESRB "Teen", as is WoW overall. Mild suggestive themes, alcohol aplenty but no swearing.

Aye, yer'll be spammin' "/yarrr r" and "/yarrr 1" during Talk Like a Pirate Day, every 19th of September. An' if yer don't then Cap'n Slappy and Ol' Chumbucket will get yer!

Just don't over do it and get everyone annoyed!

Some yells refer back to game lore and some hint at finding companions and hunter pets. Mostly, it is all about carousing and pillaging!



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