We Don't Wipe

59,593 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 31, 2016 Game Version: 7.1.0


A fully featured and configurable DPS maximiser. Displays a sequence of icons, representing the order in which you should use your abilities so that maximum DPS may be achieved.

By itself, We Don't Wipe does nothing. You must separately download the modules.

Works great in Legion Patch 7.1!

Supported Class/Specialisations

(Perhaps others for Legion)

How to Instal

Download the latest We Don't Wipe. Instal like any other AddOn. Download one or more modules. Instal like any other AddOn.

How to Configure

When first launched, and providing you are not in combat, you will see a set of overlapping tiles at one side of your screen. This is the template to create your queue pattern. Slide these tiles around. The tiles tend to snap together. It is very intuitive. When you are done, enter the following in chat to toggle off the template display: /wdw ooc

To see a full list of configuration commands, enter "/wdw" in chat. Appending a " ?" to the end of any command will bring up more helpful information about the command.

My Hand Held Setup FAQ page might also be of help.

Priority Queues (aka Rotations)

Each module is built upon popular and authoritative sequences sourced form places such as Icy Veins. I then add in support for any other talents / abilities which significantly affect single target DPS.

Abilities with longer cool downs, say about 120s, will usually have a parameter to enable/disable from the rotation. To see a module's list of parameters enter "/wdw listp" in chat. To adjust enter "/wdw setr parm1=xxx,parm2=zzz,parm3=...".

If You Like We Don't Wipe

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Cookies, Beer & Donations

It is all about the cookies & beer although, and don't let Gallywix know about this, a "thank you" in the comments section fuels my programming appetite and is very much appreciated. And then, you could cut straight to Donate to lend your support! because as Gallywix would say... "time is money, friend".


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