HandyNotes - Argus


This is a plugin for HandyNotes which shows the major POIs such as rare mobs's spawning points and other interesting nodes in Argus.

Features and Toggling

You can go to addon config to toggle what you want to display or adjust the icon's size and alpha value.

You can also hide any specific node by right click on it on the worldmap.

Issues and Suggestion

Please go to here to submit any issue found or any suggestion in your mind.

If you find any missing node, please raise a ticket with accurate coordinates. Decimal set to 2 digits would be even better, for example, 39.66, 31.89. If you haven't installed any addon which can show your current coordinates, you can this Coordinates Tracking.


If you would like to help and contribute the translation, please visit here.


You are welcome to donate in supporting the development even it's a small money.