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Currency Tracking

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About this addon

Originally this is a lite and standalone addon which shows your tracked currencies on the screen.


With dragable frame that you can put it anywhere you want.


Items which can be collected in stacks like meat, parts, portions, herbs and other professional items can also be tracked and showed on the screen.


While you hovering the mouse over it, it will also display all your gained currencies. You can also configure to show your current total money.

How it works

Tracked currencies or items can be managed in the addon's option window.

If you already have tracked currencies or items, right-click on the text or icon will open the option window. You can then toggle the display settings and configure which currencies / items you would like to track.

You can track as much as you want as long as the game screen has enough space to display them.


LDB and Titan Panel are also supported.

ElvUI is also supported.


You are welcome to donate in supporting the development even it's a small money.