Classic Quest Log

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This addon restores the old quest log with the familiar list of quests on the left and details on the right on retail servers.


Please note:

- This addon is not for Classic WoW.  Classic WoW already has the classic quest log.  This addon is for retail servers to restore a "classic" style of quest log.


This addon's initial behavior is to commandeer your quest log key binding and micro button to toggle the new log. It should be a familiar enough experience once you log in.

If you decide you want to keep using the new default log alongside this addon, you can:

  • Open the map via key binding (M is default key) will display the new map+quest log hybrid.
  • Click 'Show Map' in the upper right of the Classic Quest Log, it will jump to the map of the quest's zone with the attached new style quest log.
  • If that's not enough and you only want to use the Classic Quest Log occasionally, go into Key Bindings -> AddOns -> Classic Quest Log and set a binding to toggle this addon's window. Once a binding is set, it will revert the behavior of the default quest log binding and quest micro button to its map+quest default behavior.

There are a few minor changes from the true old quest log:

  • Instead of saying (Completed) or (Daily) beside each quest name, they are now represented by icons just like the new log.
  • There are other options in the Options button at the bottom of the window, such as the ability to move the window around the screen or to resize the height of the window.