3,398 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 25, 2016 Game Version: 7.1.0

Announces to a selectable chat frame which character killed Mr. Bigglesworth, Kel'Thuzad's cat in Naxxramas.

Plays some optional ominous thunder. You can also switch the chat output type between SAY, YELL, RAID, PARTY, and GUILD.

Much thanks to OrionShock, Jerry, and Tekkub.

See the changelog page: slash commands and optional sound now working! Type /mrbigglesworthdeath or /mbd for instructions.

Known Issues:

Due to a limitation in the Blizzard combat log, this addon only detects when someone in your Party kills Mr Bigglesworth. In order for it to be accurate, at least one person per Party in a Raid must have this addon installed. However, anyone who can see the chat type selected will be able to read the message.

Some users are reporting a rare case when upgrading to version 1.3.2 you need to delete your SavedVariables file in the WTF folder. You could try /mbd default first to see if that works. Of course, if that changes your sound settings or chat output, you will have to set it again. Most users will not have to do this as the upgrade will be smooth.


Localized in enUS and deDE, but can (and please help contribute) be localized into other languages. Please go here to help translate.


People upgrading from anything lower than 1.2.x should delete the old folder first.


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