ElvUI Progressive DataBars Colors

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ElvUI Progressive DataBars

The default DataBars (XP, Honor, Artifact, Reputation) in ElvUI are visually boring, so spice them up! This plugin should work with most ElvUI plugins, but if it doesn't, file a bug report via the link below.


ElvUI_ChatTweaksContinued is NOT compatible. The problem is entirely on their side. I have reported the issue, but they choose to ignore it.


Change Log:

  1. 8.0-release1: see included changelog.txt
  2. 8.0-release 2: update localizations for Spanish (esES)
  3. 8.1-release1: rewritten and 100% compatible with Shadow & Light
  4. 8.2-release2: fixed gsub error and added custom reputation colours
  5. 8.3-release1:
  6. - Bump ToC for patch 8.3.x
    - Update Copyright and License.txt
    - Include libraries (no more loading errors)
    - Make libraries optionally install separately if the user wishes
    - Refresh colours for the reputation settings to make them more distinct
    - Support LibAboutPanel-2.0

The XP DataBar:

  • Change the color for XP
  • Change the color for rested XP
  • Blend the alpha/opacity of the bar as you gain XP
  • Instead of "0/1700" (or whatever it says) at max level, it says "Capped"

The Reputation DataBar:

  • Switch between Blizzard/ElvUI colors and striking ASCII colors for each rep rank (red = hated, blue = honored, gold for Exalted/Best Friend, etc)
  • NOTE: to use custom colours you must select Custom from the menu instead of ASCII or Default
  • Replace the word "Exalted" for factions with Paragon status to either "Paragon" or "P"
  • Instead of "0/999" (or whatever it says) at max reputation, it says "Capped"
  • Blend the alpha/opactity of the bar as you gain reputation

The Honor DataBar:

  • Change the color of the bar
  • Blend the alpha/opacity of the bar as you gain honor

The Azerite Power DataBar:

  • Change the color of the bar
  • Blend the alpha/opacity of the bar as you gain Azerite power


You can help contribute translations so other people around the world of Azeroth can have this glorious AddOn in their native tongues.

Bugs or Suggestions:

Did you find something that isn't working, or thought of an improvement? By all means please let me know.


Credit is due to Blazeflack on the TukUI forums who graciously helped me get going with writing a plugin for ElvUI, and to Torhal who worked me through some logic bombs. Thank you guys!

Cookies & Treats:

I accept cookies, treats, donations, game time, and hot Night Elf women. Er wait... Anyway, if you want to help me out, you can find me in these places:




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