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Battle Pet Daily Tamer

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Battle Pet Daily Tamer puts a familiar paw on the world map to mark where daily pet tamers are that you have not completed for the day.

If you mouseover the tracking button in the topright of the world map, a button will slide out. Once clicked, you can selectively enable/disable which paws are shown:

  • Battle Pet Daily Tamer: This is the "master switch" that mirrors the "Pet Battles" option in the regular tracking button menu. While off, all paws will be removed from the map.
  • Reward Dailies (green paw): These are dailies that reward a pet supply satchel, pet charm or token to buy pet supplies.
  • Normal Dailies (blue paw): These are dailies that reward xp but no extra rewards.
  • Legendary (orange paw): These are the legendary pets to battle, if you have picked up the Book of Fables quests, or in the Tanaan Jungle.
  • World Quests (green paw): These are dailies on the Broken Isle that are only up for a period of time and have different rewards.
  • Inactive Dailies (grey paw): These are the above dailies after they've been completed of if they're not currently available. It is off by default.
  • On Azeroth Map: Turning this on will show active paws on the Azeroth world map also. Inactive dailies do not show on the Azeroth map.


  • An option to show paws on the flight maps will return. It's currently disabled/inaccessible.