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AddOn Suite

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Addon Suite: Because Even Your Addons Need an Overlord. The Only Suite Where Every Guest (Addon) Behaves.

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Addon Suite is a powerful and flexible World of Warcraft addon that enhances your gameplay experience by providing full control over the addons loaded for various gaming scenarios. Leveraging the robust Ace3 framework and its AceConfig profiles, AddonSuite allows players to easily toggle (enable or disable) groups of addons with just a few clicks, ensuring that only the most relevant addons are active at any given time. It also features a minimap icon to quickly switch between profiles, open settings, and access the profile dialog, offering convenient and rapid adjustments to your addon setup without navigating through complex menus.

Addon Suite transforms your World of Warcraft interface management into a seamless and dynamic process, perfectly aligning with your in-game activities. A prime example of AddonSuite's versatility is its ability to cater to specific gaming scenarios through customized profiles.




Minimap Icon for Quick Profile Switching and Configuration Access

A minimap icon is available for quick access (no 1 on image), allowing users to effortlessly switch between their favorite profiles (no 2 on image) and open the addon's configuration settings directly from the minimap. The image below shows the minimap icon for Addon Suite and when integrated into Titan Panel.



Addon Management via AceConfig Profiles

Utilize AceConfig for intuitive management of addon settings, allowing users to easily create, switch, and manage different configuration profiles.


Character-Level Profile Favorites

Enable users to mark certain profiles as favorites at the character level, enhancing the profile switch menu's usability by filtering favorites for quick access via the minimap icon.


Profile Sync Status Indicator

The Profile Sync Status Indicator settings in Addon Suite (no. 1 on image) is designed to promptly notify users of any synchronization discrepancies among selected addons. When there is a mismatch due to changes, the minimap icon changes to a red suite icon (no. 2 on the image), serving as a visual alert. Additionally, when integrated with Titan Panel, this feature displays the number of out-of-sync addons directly on the panel, allowing users to quickly gauge the extent of the sync issues without navigating away from their game interface (no. 3 on image). This ensures that users can efficiently manage and rectify any discrepancies in addon configurations, maintaining smooth and error-free operation.



Minimap Icon Tooltip Information

The tooltip in Addon Suite provides detailed "out of sync information," alerting users about the specific changes that will occur to their addons upon the next game reload. This feature enhances user awareness by displaying which addons will be enabled and which will be disabled after the game is reloaded, allowing users to anticipate and understand the adjustments to their addon configurations before they take effect.

The Addon Suite addon manager enhances your UI experience with a dynamic minimap icon feature. When the addons configured for your selected profile are out of sync, the red suite icon id displayed to signal the discrepancy. For a hassle-free synchronization and UI reload, simply ALT-LEFT-Click on the minimap icon. This quick-fix functionality is conveniently detailed in the tooltip that appears upon hovering over the icon, ensuring you're always in perfect sync with a single click.



Titan Panel Support

Addon Suite offers enhanced functionality when integrated with Titan Panel. By default, the addon’s minimap icon is automatically hidden when it's displayed on Titan Panel (Item 1 on Image) to reduce screen clutter. This setting Hide Minimap Icon When Added to TitanPanel can be toggled on or off according to user preference (Item 2 on Image). Additionally, when Addon Suite detects that the configurations of its component addons are out of sync while displayed in Titan Panel, it provides a visual alert by changing the icon color to red and displaying a text status. This feature ensures that users are immediately aware of any discrepancies in addon settings, enhancing overall management and user experience.



Example Use Cases


Leveling Profile

Create a profile named "Leveling" tailored for your journey through Azeroth's vast landscapes and quests. This profile can include addons that enhance quest tracking, provide detailed maps, or offer valuable insights into NPC locations and objectives. By activating the "Leveling" profile, you ensure that only addons contributing to an efficient leveling experience are loaded, keeping your UI clean and focused.


Gathering Profile

Enables addons relevant to professions such as Mining, Herbalism, and Skinning, focusing your UI on gathering activities.


Raiding Profile

Set up a "Raiding" profile for those intense raid nights. This profile would focus on addons critical for raid encounters, such as boss mechanics alerts, raid cooldown tracking, and damage meters. Switching to the "Raiding" profile ensures that you're equipped with all the necessary tools to contribute effectively to your raid team, without distractions from less relevant addons.


PVP Profile

For players who thrive in the competitive arena of PVP, a "PVP" profile can be configured. This profile would include addons specialized in PVP scenarios, like enemy cooldown trackers, battleground tactics, and arena unit frames. By activating the "PVP" profile when entering battlegrounds or arenas, AddonSuite guarantees that your interface is optimized for victory against your adversaries.

With AddonSuite, the power of customization and efficiency of which addons to load is at your fingertips. By defining and switching between profiles like "Leveling", "Gathering", "Raiding", and "PVP", you ensure that your addon setup is always aligned with your current activity, enhancing both performance and enjoyment in World of Warcraft.



Author Notes

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As a software engineer, I am passionate about this project and have dedicated a significant amount of time and effort to creating a high-quality product. If you enjoy using this World of Warcraft add-on, please consider supporting me through a donation via Paypal™ or the Bitcoin Address provided below. Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

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