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17.9M Downloads Updated Apr 10, 2021 Created Aug 20, 2014

RareScanner, a World of Warcraft addon to alert you when a rare, event or tresaure...

12M Downloads Updated Apr 7, 2021 Created Oct 31, 2018

Rare trackers and holiday tour guides

5.5M Downloads Updated Mar 21, 2021 Created Jul 4, 2018

Where are the hidden treasures in Battle for Azeroth? Show in HandyNotes

12.2M Downloads Updated Mar 24, 2021 Created Aug 5, 2011

Tracks rare drops, including companions and mounts

10M Downloads Updated May 7, 2021 Created Mar 25, 2008

Scan for rare mobs so you can find them and their loot

7M Downloads Updated Apr 28, 2021 Created Sep 17, 2008

Tracks Raid/Instance/World Boss lockouts for all your characters, daily/weekly quests, currencies, trade cooldowns, and more!

1.8M Downloads Updated Apr 21, 2021 Created Feb 2, 2018

Track the completion and failure of achievements in raids and dungeons

7.1M Downloads Updated Dec 30, 2020 Created Dec 6, 2015

Where are the hidden treasures in Legion?

2.9M Downloads Updated Mar 15, 2021 Created Jan 19, 2017

An immersive questing experience, without any extra fuss.

694K Downloads Updated Apr 24, 2021 Created Nov 24, 2020

Where are the hidden treasures in Shadowlands? Show in HandyNotes

334K Downloads Updated May 8, 2021 Created Jul 23, 2020

HandyNotes for Draenor

58.4M Downloads Updated Oct 31, 2020 Created Jun 6, 2009

Uses various methods to scan your surroundings for rare or specified NPCs.

8.6M Downloads Updated Mar 6, 2021 Created Oct 22, 2008

Tools and tweaks to make the lives of players seeking Achievements a little bit easier.

445K Downloads Updated Mar 10, 2021 Created Nov 28, 2019

Shows rares and treasures in Pandaria zones

11.1M Downloads Updated Mar 21, 2021 Created Sep 28, 2009

RaidAchievement shows when achievement, that you can't track is failed or when all criterias are...

3.9M Downloads Updated Nov 22, 2020 Created May 2, 2019

TomCat's Tours: Mechagon (with HandyNotes and TomTom Support)

3.6M Downloads Updated Nov 22, 2020 Created May 2, 2019

TomCat's Tours: Nazjatar (with HandyNotes and TomTom Support)

973K Downloads Updated Mar 12, 2021 Created Oct 13, 2012

Displays the locations of Lunar Festival elders.

1.5M Downloads Updated Nov 22, 2020 Created Jan 9, 2020

TomCat's Tours: Visions of N'zoth Rares (with HandyNotes and TomTom Support) Uldum and Vale of...

647K Downloads Updated Jan 25, 2021 Created Dec 20, 2014

WoW Quests / World Quests / Achievements Tracker | supported Masque, PetTracker, TomTom and ElvUI...