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HandyNotes Pandaria

As the original HandyNotes addon for Pandaria is not working anymore and is no longer being developed, I first started posting fixes for that addon on its curse page.

As I saw I would have implemented the addon completely differently, I eventually reprogrammed it from scratch using the latest HandyNotes API.


In the options you can set icon scale and icon alpha aswell as toggle which rares should be shown depending on some criteria:

  • Always show them
  • If they drop a mount you haven't collected yet
  • If they drop a toy you haven't collected yet
  • If they are needed for an achievement you haven't completed yet
  • If they drop useful items (such as the experience potion)


There are some additional functions when right clicking nodes:

  • Nodes can be set as TomTom waypoints
  • Nodes can be hidden (The options have a button to restore all hidden nodes)
  • Hidden nodes in the current zone can be restored


If you have feedback, suggestions or encounter a bug of any kind, please let me know via the issue tracker!