Uta Madre

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This addon tracks all 3 Utas during the first fight in the Penthouse dungeon and does it with beautiful unit frames designed by Lux!

To initiaze it you just need to target the Utas you want to track and a unit frame will appear for that Uta. It will display:

  • That Uta's shield bar
  • That Uta's health bar
  • That Uta's Sisterly Bond stack size
  • That Uta's current cast

If you have an Uta targeted, its unit frame will get a white outline. And you can use the unit frames to switch targets also.

You can configure the locations/sizes of each Uta frame in the GUI Edit Mode (or with the rabbit icon in Top Information Overload's addon manager). This is only available inside the Penthouse to not overload this mode for an addon with limited use.


  • If the frames don't disappear after killing Uta, reload the UI with Control+Shift+F1
  • If the frames don't appear at all (when targeting Utas or in GUI Edit Mode), type this in chat: /setoption UtaMadre_Icon true
  • If you can't correctly load all 3 Utas before starting the fight (after a wipe), reload the UI as well


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