Last Updated: Oct 24, 2015


Oct 22, 2015

Owner: EthanolRift

This simple addon will keep you buffed by using tacos/benefaction pots in these zones:
- All 11 dungeons
- All 3 raids
- All 3 scenarios

If you're without a a taco/tonic when entering these, it will use them (and again when they expire or you die). It won't use the last item of a stack so they can be refilled easily by auto-buy addons.

Currently there are no settings so the only way to disable the autp-buffing is to disable/enable the addon with that command:

/setoption TacoTonic_Enabled false|true

Currently the addon can be a bit spammy in the system chat (saying it's using a taco a few times) when zoning to a combat zone while unbuffed because I still need to correctly detect when it's able to use items from inventory, but otherwise it's working fine and not using any consumables when it's not needed.


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