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This addon aims to clone the ingame gear manager but putting it anywhere you want on the screen for quick access.

Missing Features

  • Build previews aren't available at the moment

Using the addon

Just left-click the icon to open the dropdown! Click on category names to open them, left-click on builds to load them or right-click them to open update/rename/share/preview/delete menu.

To move/resize the icon, enter GUI Edit Mode (lock icon in top right corner) and you'll be able to drag it around (and use mousewheel to scale it up or down)

If you have too many builds and can't access the settings button at the bottom of the menu, you can change the separator manually with this command (with whatever character you want)

/setoption GMM_Separator ">"

Naming your build

The addon works by converting your build list into a build tree that will be displayed in a dropdown menu. This works by having each build's name include category names so they can be separated or grouped together.

Example with ">" as separator:

  • "Raid>NY>Tank" will create a Raid folder, a NY folder inside that and put a "Tank" build in it
  • "Raid>NY Podder" will just put a "NY Podder" build in a "Raid" folder


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