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MissionHelper is an addon improving the part of the UI related to missions.

Mission reward window

Lair Features

  • When doing lair missions, it will re-arrange mission reward display to show the fragments in their correct position (in the 3x3 square), while also scanning your inventory to display the pieces you already have.
  • For those doing missions in a group with a dedicated fragment holder, each fragment in the reward window can be right-clicked to open a menu to ask a group/raid member to pick up that piece as a reward
  • Message are sent through a script (the one called "lairmissions"). You can edit it to change the text/colors to better suit your needs. %1 is the chan name (group or raid), %2 is the name of the target player, %3 is the name of the fragment and %4 is the name of the mission.

Known Issues

  • Stack display for lair missions shows one more than what you have in the inventory

Installation Instructions

  • Extract all the SWF files in the archive's Flash folder into your ...\TSW\Data\Guy\Customized\Flash\ folder
  • Ectract the Scripts from the archive into your ...\TSW\ folder
  • type /reloadui
  • To remove the mod, delete those files from your Flash folder and /reloadui : MissionRewardController.swf


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