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About the addon

This mods adds an HP bar below the survivor counter, which links to the survivor with the lowest HP in vicinity (around 20m range), so you can either keep an eye on how close you are to losing a survivor in the current camp or easy select the ones needing heals.

The mod also adds Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze icons next to the survivor count so you know where you're at (icon colors aren't very colorblind friendly)


Addon development takes a lot of time. If you really like this addon and want to support it, please consider making a donation! Any amount is appreciated.

Installation Instructions

  • Extract the Flash\ScryCounter.swf file into ...\The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash
  • To remove the mod, remove the file from that directory
  • A /reloadui may be needed, but don't do that inside scenarios since the scenario HUD won't load back at all atm
  • If needed, the window can be moved around with the GUI Edit Mode (lock icon in the top right corner of the screen)


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